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On-site Services

AB&TS, LLC provides custom on-site service so you can continue to operate your business with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption during those times when you need our support.

Network Integration & Design

AB&TS, LLC is pleased to help you implement a business network or integrate additional components and features into an existing network if you already have one.

Infrastructure Technologies & Digital Network Services

Consider enhancing your organization's ability to interconnect with other individuals/customers and businesses/clients.  Broadband, wireless, and security technologies are available today to use when servicing your digital network requirements.

Remote Technical Support

Distance-based technologies are available should you care to opt for one of our remote technical support offerings.

Our internal AB&TS, LLC and extended staff of IT Infrastructure Professionals have spent many years designing, deploying, managing, and optimizing solutions based on Microsoft, IBM, Novell, and UNIX platforms.  We have also  counseled our clientele on Open Source Software, best exemplified by the increasingly popular Linux operating system.  We have integrated a vast array of specialty application software for them from a multitude of vendors.  Furthermore, since we are active in a large number of professional associations and because we place a high priority on pursuing educational opportunities on an on-going basis, AB&TS, LLC is particularly well positioned to support our customers with the most current, best-of-breed technologies on the market today.  

We are pleased to be there for you when you need us.  Should your business requirements ever suggest, we are still there for you to provide the benefit of extended AB&TS, LLC services and quality referrals.  Over the years, we've formed many friendships and alliances with other firms who supplement our ability to satisfy your technology needs. 


Friendly, professional care.

Business Computer Solutions

AB&TS, LLC is well positioned to provide you with business-class servers, workstations, hardware, peripherals, operating systems, and general office and specialty application software to meet the needs of your growing business.

Professional IT Services

Our services are based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities of our experienced, qualified Information Technology Professionals.  We purposefully maintain a vendor-agnostic position so our client base benefits from the most current, best-of-breed technologies and solutions available on the market today.

Systems Consulting

Take advantage of our staff's many years of experience designing, deploying, managing, and optimizing solutions based on Microsoft, IBM, Novell, and UNIX platforms.  AB&TS, LLC is also at-the-ready when you need a Systems Professional to run interference for you with hard-to-understand techies who can't seem to speak your language.

Computer & Software Sales

AB&TS, LLC is pleased to honor your preference, if you have one, on brand of computers and peripherals.  However, we have found based on years of experience that certain vendors provide better solutions than others.  We are here to assist you in your selection and recommend an optimal combination of hardware and software to best suit your needs.  We are happy to be positioned to acquire high-quality materials for you if you would like.  Most business clients prefer this approach.

Custom Installation

From computer hardware to operating systems software and general office or specialty application software, AB&TS, LLC is there for you when you need customized installation support.


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